City of Boise Economic Development Brochure


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I’m happy, and at the same time a bit sad that this piece has gone to print. It was an amazing experience working on this piece with John Brunelle at City of Boise’s  Office of Economic Development. We first discussed this project nearly a year ago, and after lots of concepts and ideas we finally settled on one very ambitious idea…capture the successes of 16 local companies or individuals in entertaining saga format.

After identifying a good mix of companies and people to highlight, we iconicized them through silkscreen-like design elements.  Each person or company would have a related icon designed for them, and another more detailed image to compliment the saga.  We also needed to connect our target market of prospective Boise-based businesses with the opportunities and advantages of being based in Boise.  We accomplished this through alternating page spreads from the sagas to mouthwatering full-page photo spreads accompanied by informational content. Each page turn draws the reader deeper into what Boise is all about, and why it’s the best location for their business.

This 24-page brochure spreads a whopping 22″ wide, and the imagery does as much work as the copy in telling the story.  The brochure is being mailed out to businesses across the country in individually unique, two-color metallic ink silkscreened 12″ x 9″ black linen envelopes. No two envelopes are alike, just like the sagas told in the brochure. Each have their own story, and the stories are excellent here in Boise.

Check out an interactive version of the brochure online:

City of Boise Brochure